Our Team

  • Sunday Mornings
  • 9:45 AM
  • Nease High School


“In order to eliminate fear from our lives, we have to allow God to absorb those things we worry about.” Kent

Kent is an Associate Pastor and Co-founder of Common House Worship. Kent is sold out on loving his family and friends while making new friends every day. Someday, Kent may win a contest for the worst Dad Jokes you have ever heard, but he keeps telling them anyway. He went to school on a music scholarship playing trumpet but also loves sports and coaches people on personal financial success. Ashlea is the world’s greatest mom, gifted with southern hospitality even though she grew up in the north, and absolutely spectacular as a host of events. Ashlea has done every job from professional nanny, dry cleaning associate and retail store keyholder, to coaching small business owners through the local chambers of commerce. Kent and Ashlea got married in 1993, less than a full year after they started dating. They are certified marriage coaches, and during the 2000s, they were co-founders of a church in Ashlea’s native Ohio. Their three children are Jessica, Jonathan, and Jacob.